ImageStore Release 2.4

Clinical Practioners

Multi-Image Export

Many ImageStore Members have requested the ability to export multiple images at one time. We've heard you and now you can do it. Simply select multiple images by clicking an the first image and either shift-clicking (for a group of consecutive images) or ctrl-clicking (for multiple individual images). Click the export button and identify the location for the image to be exported.

Please note that, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, exporting a large number of images will likely take a while. It is a good idea to start the export when you have a bit of time.

Clinical Practioners

Patient Entry Window

Often, new Patient data is entered into ImageStore by first taking a picture of the Patient's chart and transcribing the data into ImageStore. In response to requests to facilitate that process, the New/Edit Patient window now opens on top of the ImageStore Workspace so that both are visible at the same time. Just increase the thumbnail size of your image folder so that the picture of the chart is readable, then click the New Patient button to open a blank patient folder. Moving it so you can see both is as simple as clicking and dragging the Patient window.

New ImageStore Membership Add-Ons

In response to Member requests, we've added some optional add-on services to ImageStore for Healthcare.

1. For Members who feel their usage may fall between the defined subscription levels (i.e. ocassionally more than a Level II, rarely close to the Level III limit) there is a Bonus Image Pack available. This allows you to pre-purchase extra image uploads and avoid any overage charges.

2. We have also added Monthly and Annual Archive Options. These allow you to get your pictures send to you on CD-ROM for backup purposes.

3. Whether you are an existing ImageStore Member, or just signing up, you may have a large number of existing image files on your computer that you would like to import into ImageStore. Let us offload you of that initial Data Migration effort and let you focus on running your practice.

4. Although people tell us that ImageStore for Healthcare is the most intuitive application of its kind, we realize that every practice is different and sometimes a a little bit of tailored training can make all the difference. Let us know if we can put a session together for you.

Existing ImageStore account holders can find more information on these options by clicking the Go button next to Additional Features on the Preferences page of your ImageStore account.

If you're just signing up for ImageStore, click any of the links next to these options on the registration page, for details.