Financial Calculator

Want to know how much money you could be saving by using ImageStore in your practice? The below is a simple example how much you could be saving in finding and filing images alone. And if that interests you, use our extensive ROI tool to see how much savings ImageStore could provide your practice in other areas.

Finding Images

Every physician asks a staff member to go find an image.  It gets difficult when you don’t remember the patient’s name. The ability to search by many criteria alleviates the problem.  This quantifies the amount spent in salary to find those images.

Number of times per month you look for images
Average amount of time spent per search (minutes)
Total Monthly Savings Finding Images $

Faster Filing

Images aren't worthwhile unless they are stored appropriately. Traditionally, that meant a challenging task of printing the image and clipping it into the chart.  With the expanded use of digital cameras, it means providing the ability to quickly and easily drag and drop images into the appropriate files and add information. This quantifies the filing challenge.
Typical admin time per patient filing photos (minutes)
Number of patients photographed per week
Time per patient with ImageStore
Total Monthly Savings Filing Images $
Total Monthly Savings with ImageStore for Healthcare $

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