ImageStore Overview


Patient photographs are an important part of medical care. Physicians use photos to track and communicate patient treatment and progress, facilitate inter-office referrals, supplement insurance claims and illustrate presentations and research papers.


ImageStore is designed specifically to help medical practices better manage their patient photos. The HIPAA-compliant, Internet-based service transforms the time-consuming, expensive photo management exercise into an easy, cost-effective process.


Now your patient images and information can be a resource for your practice. ImageStore allows you to:

  • Import photos easily from your digital camera
  • Organize photos using patient information
  • Share photos with patients, other physicians or staff – online, in real time
  • Compare images to track patient progress and compare before-and-after images
  • Search for photos of similar patient characteristics, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments
  • Access images anywhere, anytime
  • Superimpose two or more images on screen to demonstrate the transition between before-and-after photos
  • Ensure security and patient confidentiality through HIPAA compliance
  • Use photos to better market your practice

All of this can be accomplished with ImageStore using a PC, a digital camera and an Internet connection.


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