ImageStore Release 2.5

New Feature Summary

The ImageStore fo Healthcare team is pleased to announce a set of new features recently added to the industry's premiere online application for medical image management. In our continuing effort to respond to the needs of the medical community, and with the assistance of great feedback from the ImageStore member community, we have added a new set of capabilities for ImageStore. Read more about these new features below and then log in and experience them for yourself.

Clinical Practioners

Accessing Original Images

Many Members have found the image editing functions in ImageStore to meet their needs when it comes to the cropping and annotating, adding measurement details or insuring patient privacy. But often it is challenging to keep track of which is the original unmodified image. We’ve added a feature to provide you with easy access to the unmodified original, whether you have saved the changes into the same image or a copy.


Unmodified images will continue to appear in the patient folder workspace as they always have. But with the latest release of ImageStore, modified image frames will be marked in the upper right corner with a blue diamond [add the diamond]. Clicking on the blue diamond will bring up the unmodified original in full resolution in the Viewer/Editor. From there you can make additional edits, save the unmodified file with a new name, or toggle back and forth between the modified and original versions using the blue diamond button on the View/Edit page.